Welcome to Legal Aid WA’s panel and list application platform. At Legal Aid WA, we use a series of private practitioner panels and lists to allocate and manage the performance of legal services that we fund under a grant of aid. Practitioners can apply for membership of a panel or list if they are able to show they have the required level of experience and competency, according to the nature and complexity of the matters to be undertaken. In some situations, practitioners must have completed relevant training through Legal Aid WA before they can apply for membership.

Information about the eligibility criteria and training requirements for membership are listed on the Legal Aid WA website.

Legal Aid WA’s partnership with the private profession is essential for the delivery of quality services to disadvantaged Western Australians through grants of legal aid. On behalf of the CEO and staff at Legal Aid WA, thank you for your commitment to assisting legally aided clients.

If you have questions about applying for members of our panels and lists, please contact panelapplications@legalaid.wa.gov.au or call our Professional Standards and Integrity Unit on (08) 9261 6543.  

Protecting your privacy and your personal information is important to us. Please ensure you read Legal Aid WA’s Privacy Statement which sets out how we collect and use your information when you visit our websites or use forms or applications enabled through our websites.